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Laura Martinez - Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Author, Speaker and Meditation Guide

Laura Martinez, M.Ed. in Clinical Mental Health

Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Author, Speaker and Meditation Guide

Laura is a multifaceted professional, seamlessly merging her roles as a Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Author, Speaker, and Meditation Guide. Drawing on her scientific training and expertise in psycho-neurological issues, Laura enriches her approach with a deep understanding of shamanic practices, a legacy she inherited from her great-grandmother, the renowned healer Guadalupe Galvan Rivera (1906-1970).

Rooted in Mexiquito, Texas, Laura's ancestral lineage has been a wellspring of healing wisdom, with her great-grandmother, affectionately known as Lupe, being celebrated for her curandero practice and a unique blend of spiritual insight and psychological acumen. Laura delves into the transformative processes that echo Lupe's practices, employing rituals, cleanings, and energy work to address internal obstacles, unraveling the intricate connections between negative psychological imagery and neurological patterns that ensnare and haunt our lives.

Laura guides individuals through life challenges, viewing them as opportunities for growth. Her sessions are a fusion of neuroscience techniques, therapeutic approaches, and shamanistic practices tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. A co-author of the groundbreaking textbook "Psychoneuroplasticity Protocols in Addiction" with Dr. Frank Lawlis in 2015, Laura has also contributed to "Nature and Animal Rituals," shedding light on the transformative power inherent in ancestral rituals.

With a rich background in behavioral neuroscience research, Laura served as a Research Associate at Texas A&M, focusing on the impact of lead in the brain on addictive cocaine use. A licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, she directed a PsychoNeuroPlasticity center in Texas for eight years, contributing significantly to the understanding of chemical dependency.

Laura's expertise extends to the national stage, where she has had the honor of speaking at various conferences, sharing her profound insights on neuroplasticity and spirituality integrated into treatment and healing. Currently based in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, Laura extends her impactful work through a private practice, offering transformative experiences that blend the realms of science, spirituality, and healing.

Featured in Shoutout DFW
June 6, 2023

Philosophy of Counseling

The adventure we meet is unique to each one of us. Something we have in common is our suffering but what motivates us to move past the suffering? I believe this portion of our humanity is extremely unique and there is a possibility for hundreds of factors underpinning our desire for change. As stemming from Jungian theory, one dynamic that most human beings have in common is an internal drive for wholeness. This inner yearning is usually strongest after some event that has caused the person to reach a bottom emotionally, physically, intellectually, or spiritually. This could be a traumatic event or even a situation that left the person grasping for transformation. During these times, there is usually a degree of apprehension, even fear, sometimes accompanied by unrelenting anxiety. It is precisely these strong emotional reactions that can act as a catalyst to increase motivation and commitment. Once we accept change, how do we continue this growth? Once someone undergoes a transformation process, they experience higher levels of emotional freedom. This engagement of freedom becomes satisfying because one breaks ties with obstacles that once seemed to be barriers that could not be removed. Since this happens, positive reinforcement in the brain occurs and motivates the person to continue to grow.

One of the points of therapy is to experience freedom in life. At this point, positive reinforcement will aid a person to continue going down the transformation pathway and attain higher levels of self-fulfillment and liberty. As a counselor, it is imperative to provide respectful space for a client’s healing and processing. I believe the process unfolds with the understanding that the client and counselor are equals in humanity and a bond is formed that is conducive for a client’s introspection. My theoretical orientation is Humanistic Psychology and there is a strong belief that multicultural competence in this field is crucial, especially in today’s society.

One-On-One Session

"I don't think there's a word to describe how grateful I am. I was shown how worthy I am, how beautiful I am, how sacred I am. The energy and love that you execute is paramount."

- Stacy W.

Shamanic Journey

"I will never forget when you led me through a journey and along comes my papa who passed. I could feel him. It was confirmation that he was okay. You will always hold a special place in my heart."

- Allison Y.

Ceremony and Ritual

Thank you for helping me dig deep inside my soul and removing the darkness. I have transformed into the man I always wanted to be but would not let myself. God gave you a gift to change lives."

- Jack T.