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Laura Martinez is a Clinical Mental Health Therapist, Shamanic Healer, Speaker, Author, and Meditation Guide. She aids individuals to become an expanded version of themselves while blending the concepts of neuroscience, therapy and shamanic modalities. She owns a private practice in Fort Worth, Texas. She also creates and hosts international and local retreats for healing.

Psychoneuroplasticity Protocols for Addictions: A Clinical Companion for the Big Book

by Frank Lawlis with Laura Martinez

Psychoneuroplasticity Protocols for Addictions: A Clinical Companion for the Big Book is a book that represents a tipping point in the translation of addiction science into practical, real-world applications for practitioners by Laura Martinez and Dr. Frank Lawlis. It translates brain research into patient deliverables by explaining how to use the brain to fight addiction and improve recovery outcomes. It does so while embracing the long-standing recovery culture that has been the only source of hope for addicts and alcoholics in the past fifty years.

The contents of the book reveal the transformational aspects of recovery along with the scientific principles of what Dr. Lawlis has coined as “Psychoneuroplasticity,” along with many of the barriers to transformation. More specifically it covers brain patterns that relate to depression, anxiety, OCD, mood and even brain development issues noted in premature development of adjustment in young addicts. The approaches are not singular in nature, but cover a wide range of effective modes of treatment, including diet, exercise, meditation, and biofeedback.

The reader and treatment specialist will be re-energized by witnessing the changes in patient care, staff training, and outcomes. Digging deeper, however, this book is about hope—hope that the work of two decades of brain science will finally reach those who need it most; hope that we finally have a tool that will give us a true advantage in the war on addiction; and hope that lives lost to this disease every year will someday be stymied.

Animal and Nature Rituals

by Dr. Frank Lawlis and Laura Martinez

No one can argue the spiritual feeling or the connection to nature when gazing at a beautiful sunset or inspired by the graceful flight of an eagle or the intelligence of the coyote as he survives the barest of resources. It is no wonder that these experienced often are experienced in Transpersonal connections to wisdom and expansion of consciousness on regions over the world, causing richness in interpersonal relationships and sought-after joy and peace.

Perhaps it has been this common sense of awe and transformation that sources of nature has been perceived as elements of spirituality and partial glimpses of the nature of God. Rituals have been present through human history that demonstrate the validity of this conclusion.

This book is a collection of similar rituals based on the principles of Transpersonal psychology and the study of symbols of change. The protocols have been tested in clinical settings and the suggestions developed through experience and successes. These ritual descriptions are offered to those individuals who seek wisdoms of nature and the potential for life change.

Mind Body Solutions Meditations

To train in how ancient and modern medicine works to form integration. The options include brain reintegration and orientation, parasympathetic nervous system entrainment, body-mind-spirit rituals, and life’s deeper wisdoms in media form such that they can be integrated into each person’s own way of life.

New perspectives of health are realized through the ancient healing traditions that date back to Egyptian, Greek, Native American and European concepts and can be understood today through advanced study. These approaches have shown their validities to be invaluable, even more than the technologies thrusted upon us in today’s medical system. They work because humans share healing through transpersonal avenues.

In today’s world, it is imperative that we take our health into our own hands, to reach out on our own behalf and receive the type of help and healing we want and need so desperately. We will help you find these solutions and provide these answers from the comfort and ease of where ever you may be and in the time-frame that works with your schedule. The power to transform your thinking, your health and wellness, and perhaps the destiny of your soul is right here at your fingertips. Mind Body Solutions by Lawlis is the path.